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Mike Simpson, Principal of the American International School of Lesotho, shares with the NFI community on a variety of interesting topics via his blog.


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Please click below for here for the results from the joint ISC/NFI research survey from 2016.

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A new article just published!

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The NFI team at Hong Kong Academy in September 2014!












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An inspiring mini documentary from the International School of Manila featuring students advocating for a greater awareness and understanding of Dyslexia.


Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJjSL-nuboA


A Vision of Inclusive Education

In the latest edition of United World, published by UWC, Kevin Bartlett explains the the rationale and moral purpose behind the vision of inclusive international education.

“To all of us, promoting success for every student was far more important than promoting ISB through artificially-managed average scores; it is more important that we don’t exclude perfectly-capable students from receiving the same high-quality education and opportunities.

These days, the impact of inclusion is apparent everywhere. Student diversity has made us a more humane school .This is reflected in a multitude of policies, practices and cultural norms. It has also made us a smarter school. Rising to the greater challenge of meeting more diverse needs has raised our overall game, making us smarter thinkers, smarter problemsolvers and, critically, smarter teachers. In the end, inclusion has made us a better school, in all senses of the word.”

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The CGC is proud to partner with Next Frontier: Inclusion, a project that aims towards one inclusive international school in every city.



  • High quality education is a basic human right of all children
  • We need to redefine international education to be inclusive of students who learn differently or at different rates.
  • Parents who travel overseas should not have to leave some of their children behind or divide their families between schools.
  • We are committed to a planned and carefully managed approach to including students who have special needs or may be exceptionally capable.
  • The inclusion of children requiring learning support enhances the education of all children.

Read an excerpt from the newly published OIQ Factor focusing on the inclusion of students with special learning needs.


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