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News Release (May 2014)

We have just finished a two a half-day NFI professional conversation here at the International School of Brussels, with 75 participants representing 33 international schools.  The conversation had as its theme: Developing the Will and Capacity to Serve.  We see these as the twin components of effective inclusive practices. Developing the will to serve has to do with nurturing inclusive beliefs, attitudes and dispositions.  Developing the capacity to serve has to do with honing our professional skills and competencies in this area.
We observed inclusive classes, listened to both parent and student panels, engaged in break out sessions on “Developing Student Self-Advocacy”, “Virtual Learning Support”, “Recruiting Inclusive Teachers” and “Effective Record Keeping Systems.”   We also shared a new NFI product: Towards Inclusion: Planning our Pathway – a self-supporting audit protocol.
Membership in NFI continues to grow.  We are now up to almost 70 schools, our newest member schools being Vienna International School, International School of Dongguan, and Dubai American Academy.  A warm welcome to all three.
The next NFI Professional Conversation is scheduled for Hong Kong, September 21-23, 2014.  It will be hosted by Hong Kong Academy and will have as its theme:Transformational Learning for all.  We are limiting the number of participants to 100.
We will be repeating this conversation in Bangalore, India, on March 31, April 1-2, 2015.  Registration for NFI Bangalore will open in September.
We will also be offering a pre-conversation day in Hong Kong (September 20th) that will focus on training individuals to serve as formative reviewers of learning support. We hope to develop a cohort of skilled individuals who will be available to conduct learning support reviews in both their own and other schools.   This pre-conversation day will be by invitation.
We are also exploring a strand of NFI designed for regular education students and possibly one for parents.
If you want more information about NFI or have questions, please visit out websitewww.nextfrontierinclusion.org or write to us.

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